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Regarding Changes in July 4th Server Merge

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

MIR4 where the economy and adventure unite.

As we have previously informed you through separate announcements prior to the ‘Grand Unification’ Update, some servers will be integrated on July 4th Update Maintenance.

This announcement is to inform you of changes to the Server Merge, please check out all details carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

◈Changes in Server Merge◈
– The Server Names for some merged servers in SA/NA will change
※ The list of merging servers did not change while the change will rearrange its region and order.
– Some data will be excluded from the Reset data: [Portrait Event / Raid category in Ranking]

■ SA/NA Merged Server Title Changes
[Targeted Server / Merged Server ]
SA14 + SA24 = SA014
SA41 + SA42 = SA041
SA82 + SA71 = SA071
SA84 + SNFT21 = SA081
NA51 + NA78 = NA051
NA54 + NA67 = NA054
NA66 + NNFT11 = NA062
NA64 + NA75 = NA064
SA14 + SA24 = SA081
SA41 + SA42 = SA082
SA82 + SA71 = SA071
SA84 + SNFT21 = SA072
NA51+ NA78 = NA051
NA54 + NA67 = NA052
NA66 + NNFT11 = NA063
NA64 + NA75 = NA061

※ Servers that are not scheduled to be merged will change their name considering the placement of region and server.
※ If you want to check other Merged Servers, please refer to [Detailed Announcement for Server Merge] for further details on our official forum (

■ Non-transferable or Reset Data
● Please check all information to avoid any misunderstandings for Server Merge.
– Portrait Event and Raid scores in Ranking will transfer to Merged Server data.
※ Ranking will be placed based on the transferred data after merging.

– Pre-Change: [Portrait Event / Raid category in Ranking]: Scheduled to be reset
– Post-Change : [Portrait Event / Raid category in Ranking]: Data Transfer target

[Category / Details]
1. Clan (Kill / Allies / Unattackable Clan / Clan History)
2. War (Hidden Valley / Bicheon Castle(Bicheon Castle Siege) / Sabuk Castle(Sabuk Clash) / Heist / Altar of Darkness / Sanctuary / Territory / World Boss)
3. Mailbox (Account Mailbox)
4. Chat (Allied Clan / Clan / Party/System / 1:1 Chat)
5. Misc. (New Target / Distribute Resources / Add to Wanted List / Assign Title / Prize)
6. Karma (Wanted List – Targeted Servers Only)
7. Shop (Purchase Count / Gifting / Receiving Record)
8. Ranking (Personal / Clan)

※ Any data not mentioned in the list will be transferred to the merged server. However, data that has no impact on your gameplay may also reset.

■ Wayfarer Travel/ Market
● Both Wayfarer Travel and Market contents will be restricted from 1 hour early before July 4th Update Maintenance for stable Server Merge Work.


We will do our best on the Server Merge work thoroughly with the coming of the ‘Grand Unification’ Update to provide dynamic combat and new upcoming content.

Please look forward to our various upcoming contents including ‘Unified Raid’ and ‘Unified Market’ that are to be unveiled with the ‘Grand Unification’ update.

Thank you.

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