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Your Donations

All donations help support the clan with web hosting and further development. Excess earnings go into Gold purchases that are directly put into the clan to help with more expeditions or other resources we may need. 

All donators that wish to be listed please state it during your donation. We will have a ranking of donators after each month listed on the site. 

Top Supporters

The list below is ranking the highest supporter at the top with the crown, lowest at the bottom.  We aren’t going to reveal the amount of support, this is simply a list to acknowledge supporters. 

People outside the clan may donate and support as well, when you donate please include your name ( or website name and URL ) you want to be listed below.  

Other Ways to Support

We understand that not everyone has extra money to give away, so of course, there are other ways you can help support the Aesir!

We sell merch! that is right you can support us by buying some wearables. Look good while supporting the Aesir!

One other way you can help support the clan is to refer businesses to us for Web Development and/or Web hosting services. 

Web Development:

  • Ecommerce solutions, Online Stores
  • Business-Sites
  • Vlog Sites
  • Community Websites
  • Clan Websites

Our web development and hosting services are premium, the best of the best. So if you’re looking for something special, feel free to reach out to us.