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Patch Note – September 20th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th, 2022


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Content: Domination Server & Tower of Black Dragon
2. New Stat: Antidemon Power
3. New Crafting manual will be added.
4. New Area: Sabuk area
5. New System: Assassin Mode
6. New Raid: Sabuk Execution Ground
7. New Spirit: ‘Verdant Watcher Gargas’

◈DRACO Updates◈
1. Source of XDRACO items gained from MIRAGE can be viewed.


[September 20th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Domination Server
● Playable content that is available for Dragonians above level 90 from different servers in the same region.
● Domination servers will be opened three times a day, and can be entered once a day.
– Domination servers will be opened for 4 hours per each round.
– Players can re-enter Domination Servers freely if more than 10 minutes is left until the round ends.

1st Round
09:00 ~ 13:00
2nd Round
15:00 ~ 19:00
3rd Round
21:00 ~ 01:00

※ Domination server will be opened based on server regional times of each region.

● Upon entering Domination servers, your gameplay will be similar to the that of an Expedition member.
– Same as in Expeditions, Life x5. But please be aware that Life in the Domination server will be shared with Expedition contents. Life can be charged using Life of Water.
– Characters who have consumed all Life by PK in Domination servers will be resurrected in Sabuk Castle upon death.
– When a character is resurrected by resurrection skills of a Spirit or a Taoist after getting killed by PK in Domination Servers, the character will be resurrected from the area of death with no loss of Life.
– Death penalty from PK in Domination Servers include Internal injuries, EXP reduction, and item loss.
– You can create a party with characters from other servers in Domination servers.
– Missions and Requests for Domination servers will be added.
– ‘Epic/Legendary Blue Dragon statue’ can be crafted using [Seal of Domination]

● There are 3 field areas and 1 exclusive content in Domination Server.
– Field Area: [Domination] Sabuk Castle, [Domination] Sabuk Province, Domination Labyrinth
– Exclusive content of Domination server: Tower of Black Dragon
※ Please refer to [[url=]Game Encyclopedia – Domination Server[/url]] for further details.

■ Tower of Black Dragon
● ‘Tower of Black Dragon’, exclusive content for Domination Servers, will be added.
– Level Entry Restriction for Tower of Black Dragon is 95.
– It consists of 3 floors in total, and a rare Tower of Black Dragon entry ticket will be consumed upon entering into the tower.
– Crafting materials for the Entry Ticket can be obtained from Sealing Chamber (Magic Square) and Repeatable missions (Domination area)
– You can enter Tower of Black Dragon through the Portal menu in Domination Server.

● Tower of Black Dragon will be accessible after meeting required level and power score requirements.
– Up to 300 Dragonians can enter.
– Use of Tower of Black Dragon will be freely accessible during the remaining time of Domination server, and characters will be automatically expelled when the round is over.
– It will be reset at 04:00 based on regional server times.

● Participate in special events that take place in Tower of Black Dragon.
1. Defeat [Juja Neoul]
2. Attack of the Living Wraiths in Tower of Black Dragon
3. Earn Summon Badge by finding ‘Yongyong’
4. Summon Boss with Summon Badge
5. Defeat Unique Boss
6. Find the Hidden Warp point
7. Find Splendid gathering node
※ Please refer to [[url=]Game Encyclopedia – Tower of Black Dragon[/url]] for further details.

■ Character
● New stat ‘Antidemon Power’ will be added.
– Antidemon Power’ is a stat that influences your damage against Dark monsters.
– Monsters in Domination server and Tower of Black Dragon will be Dark monsters.
– New Magic stone, Spirit Treasure, and Mystical Piece will be added; all items mentioned can be obtained from Combine.

■ New Area
● New area ‘Sabuk area’ will be added.
– ‘Gorge Cliff Path’, ‘Gorge Cave’, ‘Sabuk Labyrinth’ , ‘Great Sabuk Wall’ will be added to ‘Sabuk area’.
– Missions and requests that can be for the new area will be added.
– Tower of Conquest will be expanded from stage 19 to stage 21, and character level will be expanded from 150 to 170 with the addition of new area.
– Constitution will be expanded from 15 to 17, and Inner Force will be expanded from 14 to 16 with the addition of new area.
– ‘Sabuk Labyrinth 4F’ will be accessible for Expeditions with the addition of new area.

■ Crafting Manual
● Crafting manual for Tower of Black Dragon Entry Ticket will be added.
– NPC: Uhm Jinho
– Area: [Domination] Sabuk Castle

[2 Different crafting manuals of ‘Rare Tower of Black Dragon Entry Ticket’]
Black Dragon’s Scute x3
Purified Soul Stone x100
Copper x100,000
Darksteel x100,000

Old Sword Fragment x3
Purified Soul Stone x100
Copper x100,000
Darksteel x100,000

● Crafting manual for Blue Dragon statue will be added.
– NPC: Dampyo

Craftable Item
Required Resources
Legendary Blue Dragon Statue
Seal of Domination
Epic Blue Dragon Statue
Seal of Domination

● Crafting manuals for items related to ‘Sabuk Area’ will be added.
– NPC: Lee Sujae
– Area: Sabuk Castle

■ Expedition
● [Sabuk Labyrinth 4F] will be added to Available area.
● New system ‘Assassin Mode’ will be added.
– PK mode that where you can kill other players, disguising yourself in Expedition.
– You can set Assassin Mode after owning the item ‘Assassin Transformation Ticket’
※ Please refer to [[url=]Game Encyclopedia – Expedition[/url]] for further details.

■ Raid
● New raid ‘Sabuk Execution Ground’ will be added.
– Monster level: 155
– Entry Power Score: 117,000

■ Spirit
● Spirit Stone for new Forest Epic Spirit ‘Verdant Watcher Gargas’ can be obtained through special summon.
– Passive bonus once summoned: PHYS DEF +20

Skill Effect
Watcher’s Eye
Increases Max MP by 1000, CRIT DMG Reduction by 40%, Monster DMG Reduction by 20%, and Boss DMG Reduction by 20%.
Essence of the Verdant
Increases HP Potion Effect on use by 8%, Max HP by 3%, Silence RES Boost by 40%, and reduces Skill MP Cost by 5%.
Wings of Vitality
Recovers 3% of Max HP instantly upon killing an enemy. Cool 10 sec.

■ Conquest
● Difficulty of promotion in Training Sanctum will be adjusted.

Promotion Stage
17 → 18
Reach Tier 5 Violet Mist Art
Reach Tier 5 Northern Profound Art
Reach Tier 5 Toad Stance
Reach Tier 3 Violet Mist Art
Reach Tier 3 Northern Profound Art
Reach Tier 4 Toad Stance
18 → 19
Reach Tier 14 Muscle Strength Manual
Reach Tier 14 Nine Yin Manual
Reach Tier 14 Nine Yang Manual
Reach Tier 12 Muscle Strength Manual
Reach Tier 12 Nine Yin Manual
Reach Tier 13 Nine Yang Manual

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Favorites feature will be applied to repeatable mission.
2. Adjustment in item drop rate regarding certain requests.
3. Adjustment in purchase limitation of Ice Crystal (1500 → 5000).
4. Fix in some item descriptions.
5. Fix in irregular graphic visuals while proceeding some quests.

◈DRACO Updates◈
● Source of MIRAGE XDRACO items will be added.
– Source of items obtained from MIRAGE Boss raid will be viewable.
– Source of MIRAGE Scroll Box items will be viewable.

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