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Patch Note – October 18th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4
Greetings, This is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, October 18th, 2022.


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈
1. New Mystery: Grieving the Death of a Friend
2. Clan Cooperation Missions will be added.
3. Exchange Ticket for Appearance Equipment will be added.


[October 18th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Mystery
● 8 new codices will be added with the addition of new mystery ‘Grieving the Death of a Friend’.
[Codices Title]
– No More Longing 1
– No More Longing 2
– Telltale Heart
– Principles and Rules
– Tears of Iron 1
– Tears of Iron 2
– Sealed Memory
– Dangerous Decision

● Parchment Rewards
[Mystery Title – Rewards]
Telltale Heart – 500,000 Copper, 200,000 Energy, Sili Flower Seed
Principles and Rules – 500,000 Copper, 200,000 Darksteel, Dagger of Mercy
Sealed Memory – 800,000 Copper, 300,000 Darksteel, Magenta Earrings
No More Longing – 1,000,000 Copper, 300,000 Darksteel, Alluvial Golden Jade x2
Dangerous Decision – 1,500,000 Copper, 500,000 Darksteel, Demonic Jade Earrings
Tears of Iron – 1,500,000 Copper, 500,000 Darksteel, Ecstatic Pill x2

● Mystery Completion Reward
[Item Reward – Quantity]
Epic Spirit Treasure Box – 1
Epic Magic Stone Box – 1
Epic Noirsoul Herb – 4
Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone – 3
Rare Mystical Piece Box – 1

● Event Completion Reward
[Title – Rewards]
Telltale Heart – Uncommon Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x5, Rare Dragonsteel Box x1
Principles and Rules – Epic Herb Box x5, Rare Dragonsteel Box x1
Sealed Memory – Rare Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x3, Rare Dragonsteel Box x1
No More Longing – Epic Eternal Snow Panax x5, Rare Dragonsteel Box x1
Dangerous Decision – Epic Azureum MIneral Fluid x10, Rare Dragonsteel Box x1
Tears of Iron – Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x1, Epic Dragonsteel Box x1

※ Click the firecracker-shaped icon to check the details in Event tab.

●2 New crafting manuals will be added with the addition of new mystery.
– Craft NPC: Eo Gisik
[Title – Item Name – Required Materials and Resources]

Principles and Rules – Necromancy Badge – Umbra Stone of Bladehaven x20, 200,000 Copper
Sealed Memory – Heaven Army Forsaken Badge – Forsaken Badge of Black Demon Army Darkscourge Spectre, Forsaken Badge of Black Heaven Army Scourgeblood Nefariox, 200,000 Copper, 200,000 Darksteel

■ Clan
● Clan Tech will be added.
[Clan Tech Category – Technology Name]
Clan Development – Path of Cooperation
Clan Refinement – Arhat Formation II, Nirvana Technique II, Taeul Technique II, Cosmic Swordsmanship II, Iron Cloth II, Purple Lightning Force II, Mind Protection II
Clan Warfare – Diplomacy Technique II, Kill Order II, Surprise Attack II, Attack Tactics II, Defense Tactics II, ATK Amplification II, DEF Amplification II

● Clan Cooperation Mission content will be added.
– Clan Cooperation Mission is Clan content where members of the same clan can summon and defeat Cooperation bosses for rewards using Cooperation points accumulated from certain missions.
– Clan Cooperation Missions will be available in Clan Information→ Support after reaching ‘Path of Cooperation’ level 1 or above.
(How to access: Clan→ Clan Tech→ Clan Development)
– You can choose and proceed with 5 out of 10 types of Cooperation Missions per day.
– Completion count of all Cooperation Missions, and success or failure of each mission, will be reset at 00:00 (UTC+8) every day.
– Only one Cooperation Mission can be accepted at each time.
– A completed Cooperation Mission cannot be repeated until the next day at 00:00 (UTC+8).
– You will be able to summon stronger Cooperation Bosses as ‘Path of Cooperation’ level increases.
– Cooperation Mission list and summonable Cooperation Bosses will be randomly set according to level of ‘Path of Cooperation’.
– Cooperation Bosses can be summoned in a location specified by the Leader, or Clan members with ‘War’ permission.
– Available Cooperation Boss Summons / Accumulated Clan Cooperation Points / Cooperation Mission List / Cooperation Mission in Progress will be reset at 00:00 (UTC+8) every Monday.
– Clan members who have joined less than 24 hours ago cannot obtain Cooperation Boss Defeat Rewards.
※ Please refer to [Game Encyclopedia – Clan – Clan Cooperation Mission] for further details.
Official Forum Link:

■ Appearance Equipment
● Exchange Ticket for Appearance Equipment will be added.
– You can obtain Appearance Equipment with a specific Exchange Ticket.
– Exchange Ticket for Appearance Equipment will be purchasable from shop.

■ Shop
●Purchase count for ‘1+1 Gold’ and ‘Level Accomplishment’ products will be reset.
– Dragonians who have purchased those mentionings previously can re-purchase those products.

● Damage Penalty will be added on PVP.
– If PK alignment is stated as Outlaw, damages dealt to other players will be significantly decreased.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Improvements if the Request page to categorize Home Server and Domination Server separately.
2. Improvements in the maximum purchase count in NPC shop; it will be limited to the count that your character can purchase.
3. Improvement to the Item Information window to move to the ‘All’ tab if the codex requiring the selected item is not registered in the favorite tab.
4. ‘Source’ button will be changed to ‘Enhancement’ button upon tapping Dragon Artifact in Codex.
5. ‘Sell’ button will be added to the Item Information window of Hell Raid Ticket.

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