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Patch Note – May 3rd

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022.


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Area : Sabuk
– New regions will be added to the eastern Phantasia Area and a new area ‘Sabuk’ will be added.
2. New Field Boss : Rockfiend King & Heavenly Asura
3. New Boss Raid : Deranged Hellbound Revenant
4. New Clan Expedition : Azure Flame Emperor
5. 4 New types of Summons
6. Dragonian Growth Support 14-Day Check-in Event

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. New feature : Cart
– Products that can be purchased with HYDRA can be registered to the Cart in the in-game shop.


[May 3rd Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ New Regions & Area ㅡ ‘Bladehaven’, ‘Rockcut Tomb’, ‘Sabuk Area’
● New regions will be added to the Eastern Phantasia Area and a new area ‘Sabuk’ will be added.
– New regions ‘Bladehaven’, Rockcut Tomb’, ‘Phantasia Valley’, and ‘Rockcut Labyrinth’ will open in the eastern Phantasia Area.
– ‘Sabuk Province’ and ‘Sabuk Castle Underground Jail’ will move to the newly added ‘Sabuk Area’ from the ‘Phantasia Area’.
– New main Quests, Missions, and Requests will become available along with the addition of the new area.

● Maximum level expansion
– The maximum level will be expanded to Lv.150 from Lv.130 as the new area gets added.

● Expansion of Conquest level
– Maximum promotion stages of all Conquest buildings will be expanded.
– Tower of Conquest, Tower of Quintessence, Millennial Tree, Forge, Mine, Tower of Victory, Portal, Training Sanctum, Holy Shrine : Stage 17 → Stage 19
– Sanctuary of HYDRA : Stage 10 → Stage 12

● New Mystery
– A new mystery will be added.

■ Field Boss
● New Field Boss ‘Rockfiend King’ will spawn on Rockcut Labyrinth 4F.
– Boss Level : 151

● New Field Boss ‘Heavenly Asura’ will spawn on Phantasia Valley 4F.
– Boss Level : 155

■ Boss Raid
● New Boss Raid ‘Deranged Hellbound Revenant’ will be added.
– Boss Level : 135
– Required Power Score : 90,000

■ Clan Expedition
● New Clan Expedition ‘Azure Flame Emperor’ will be added.
– Boss Level : 135
– Required Power Score : 73,000

■ Summon
● 4 New types of summons will be added to the Shop.
– Grandeur Summon (Magic Stone/Spectrumite)
– Opulent Summon (Spirit Treasure)
– Specter Summon (Codex Gear/Forsaken Badge)
– Divine Summon (Mystical Piece)
※ Unidentified items will be given by these Summons and you can obtain specific items by identifying them.
※ There is no identification fee required for the Summons above.

● Summon Achievements
– New Achievements will be added to the new summons, and you can claim the rewards by unlocking the achievements.

Conditions (Count)
Passion of Possessing Magic Stone
Grandeur Summon
Epic Unidentified Magic Stone
Passion of Possessing Spirit Treasure
Opulent Summon
Epic Unidentified Spirit Treasure
Passion of Possessing Codex Gear
Specter Summon
Epic Unidentified Codex Gear
Passion of Possessing Mystical Piece
Divine Summon
Epic Unidentified Mystical Piece

※ [Divine Dragon’s Promise] system won’t be applied to new Summon types.
※ The highest grade obtainable from the Grandeur Summon / Opulent Summon is Legendary, and the highest grade obtainable from the Specter Summon / Divine Summon is Epic. Please check the “Chance Info” on the top left corner of the summon screen for more details.

■ Check-in Event
● ‘Dragonian Growth Support 14-Day Check-in’ event will proceed. Players can obtain items that may help the growth of the character.
– Event Period : After the Update Maintenance on May 3rd, 2022 ~ May 30th, 2022, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

● Rewards

Day 1
1 Epic Prosperity Draught
Day 2
2 Raid Tickets
Day 3
1 Epic Greed Draught
Day 4
2 Secret Peak Tickets
Day 5
1 Epic Advancement Draught
Day 6
2 Boss Raid Tickets
Day 7
2 Magic Square Tickets
Day 8
1 Prosperity Draught
Day 9
2 Raid Tickets
Day 10
1 Epic Greed Draught
Day 11
2 Secret Peak Tickets
Day 12
1 Epic Advancement Draught
Day 13
2 Boss Raid Tickets
Day 14
2 Magic Square Tickets

■ Ranking
● A Raid Ranking system will be added.
– Players can obtain a Raid Score after Success / Fail of the Raid and the ranking will be decided based on their Raid Score.
– Ranking will be displayed until the top 100.
– Ranking Rewards will be given based on the character’s ranking.
– Rewards can be claimed once per day.
– Ranking, Raid Score, and Rewards reset at 00:00 daily based on regional server times.
– Rewards can’t be claimed if there is not enough space in the bag, or if receiving the rewards would exceed the amount of resources the character can have, or if the ranking is being aggregated.

● How to obtain Raid Score
– Raid Score will be given after completing the Raid successfully.
– The character that has hit the final blow on the Boss will earn an extra Raid Score if the raid ends successfully.
– A certain amount of Raid Score will still be given after failing Raid.

■ Mystical Piece
● The Equipable number of Mystical Piece will increase to 8 from 6.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Magic Stone, Mystical Piece, and Conquest levels of other players will become visible from their character info.
2. Issue of not being able to activate Auto-Combat / Gather while using Air Walk will be fixed.

◈DRACO Updates◈

■ Shop
● ‘Cart’ feature will be added to the in-game shop that enables players to purchase multiple products at once.
– Cart can only be used for purchasing products with HYDRA.
– Players can register products to the Cart even if they don’t own any HYDRA.
– The maximum number of registrable products in the Cart is 100.
– WEMIX account has to be linked with the game account to use the Cart feature.
※ Please check out [[url=]HYDRA Payment[/url]] Game Encyclopedia for more details.

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