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Patch Note – May 17th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th, 2022.


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Combine : ‘Combine Unidentified’
-‘Combine Unidentified’ feature will enable combining unidentified items.
2. Changes to Wayfarer Travel requirements.
3. New: Duel Restrictions
4. Improvements to Speed-ups

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. Changes to NFT Sealing requirements.
2. Improvements in the HYDRA Payment system
3. New: Wearable System


[May 17th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Combine Unidentified
● ‘Combine Unidentified’ feature will be added. Unidentified items can now be combined.
– Location of menu: (+)Menu → Craft → Combine → Combine Unidentified
– To use the ‘Combine Identified’ feature, combine 4 identical Unidentified items of the same grade.
– The following types of Unidentified items can be Combined: Magic Stone / Spirit Treasure / Codex Gear / Mystical Piece
– If Combine is successful, it results in 1 identical Unidentified item of one higher grade.
– If Combine fails, it results in 1 identical Unidentified item of the same grade.
※ Legendary Unidentified Codex Gear / Mystical Piece CANNOT be obtained through ‘Combine Unidentified’.
※ Items with ‘Tradable’ and ‘XDRACO’ properties cannot be obtained through ‘Combine Unidentified’.

● Gain Mystic Incense Burner points when ‘Combine Unidentified’ fails.
– Gain 1 Mystic Incense Burner point per ‘Combine Unidentified’ failure.
– When 25 Mystic Incense Burner points are accumulated, the points can be consumed to obtain 1 Unidentified item of the same grade as the ‘Combine Unidentified’ tries.

■ Wayfarer Travel
● Changes to Wayfarer Travel requirements.
– Wayfarer Travel will now be available even if the character has product(s) registered in EXD.

■ Special Boss
● The difficulty of the Special Boss ‘Demon Spider of Hell Krukan’ will be adjusted.
– The HP of the Special Boss ‘Krukan’ will decrease by 30%.

※ Check out [[url=]Game Encyclopedia-Character[/url]] for further details.

■ Duel
● Duel Restrictions will be applied.
– A character can only participate in a duel once a set amount of time has passed after their most recent duel.
– Duel Restriction time will be displayed on the results screen after the end of the duel.

■ Speed-ups
● UI of Speed-up screen on ‘Unsealing’ and ‘Conquest Promotion’ will be changed.
– ‘Complete Now’ button will now be on the left side of the screen. It was previously on the right side.
– A Gold icon will be added beside the ‘Complete Now’ text.

■ Shop
● In-game Shop Storage will be improved.
– Product purchase dates will be displayed in Storage.
– [Claim All] button will be added in Storage. All products can now be claimed at once.

● Spirit Special Summon will become available.
– Spirit Stone for Epic Spirit ‘Gem Mania ShaoShao’ can be obtained through Special Summon.
– Divine Dragon’s Promise Points from the previous Special Summon will reset.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Characters will now arrive at random points of the target area upon moving with Jump Scroll/Fast Travel Scroll.

◈DRACO Updates◈

● Changes to NFT Sealing requirements.
– NFT characters can now be sealed even if the character has product(s) registered in EXD.

■ HYDRA Payment
● HYDRA Payment system will be improved.
– When purchasing products with HYDRA, the Cart icon, and the number of items added to Cart, will be displayed to the left of the items added to Cart.

■ Wearable System
● Wearable System (NFT Appearance Equipment) is a new system that entitles XDRACO properties to Appearance Equipment and Mounts.
– Special Appearance Equipment and mounts with XDRACO properties will be added which can be traded through the in-game market and EXD.
– Wearable items can be obtained from MIRAGE Boss Raid, which is scheduled to be updated in the future.
– Wearable items can be checked from the Wearable tab of the in-game market in advance.

● Types of Wearable Outfit Equipment
– Outfit Equipment
– Mount
– Spirit

※ Wearable Appearance Equipment can be checked from the (+)Menu → Character → Outfit → Wearable

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