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Patch Note – June 28th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, June 28th, 2022.

[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Content : ‘Heist’
– Heist the Bicheon Castle against the ruling clan and get rewards every Friday.
2. Improvements to Shop.
– ‘Multi-Quantity Checkout’ will be added on Google Play Store.
– ‘100+10’ Summon will be added.
3. New Spirit : ‘Dark Crown Prince Wooska’
4. Expedition Missions will be added.
5. Changes to Wayfarer Travel requirements.
6. Changes to entering Hidden Valley.
– Players of or below ‘Bad’ in alignment cannot enter any Valley.

◈DRACO Update◈
1. [Event] 8 HYDRA Products with [PEG] tags will no longer be sold.

[June 28th Patch Note Details]

◈In-game Updates◈

■ Heist
● New Content ‘Heist’ will be added.
– Heist is large-scale war contents in which the ruling clan of Bicheon Castle and their opponents compete for Darksteel in the Bicheon Castle Underground Vault.
– Participate in fierce battles that take place every Friday. If the Heist succeeds, you can obtain rewards.

● Sides
– Defenders: The ruling clan and their allied clans (including allies in Expedition Mode)
– Heisters: Native clans ranked in the Top 20 that are not allies of the ruling clan
Expedition clans that are not allies of the ruling clan
▶ Please refer to [[url=]Game Encyclopedia – Expedition[/url]] for further details regarding Natives/Expedition.

● Heist Period
– Every Friday 10:00 PM~11:00 PM (1 hour) based on regional server times

● How to participate
– Native: ⊕Menu → War → Heist → Bicheon Castle Underground Vault to enter Heist
– Expedition: Use ‘Available Area’ List to enter Heist

● Heist Rules
1. Heisters must destroy the Iron Gate to acess the Vault area.
2. After destroying the Iron Gate, Heisters will be required to enter the of the Underground Vault and defeat the Boss.
3. When the Boss is defeated, reward boxes will appear.
4. Reward boxes will be of different grades, and the rewards inside follow the grade of the box.
5. Based on Clan Tech level, the ruling clan can adjust the abilities of the Iron Gate, Heist Devices, and Boss.
6. The ruling clan can consume clan resources to build Heist Devices.
7. Upon death, natives will be resurrected at Bicheon Castle, and Expeditions will be resurrected at the Outpost.
8. The maximum amount of Darksteel available for the Heist will be equal in all servers.

● Number of Participants
– Maximum of 400 players can enter Heist.
※ Even when the maximum number of players been reached, members of the ruling clan can still enter Heist. (Does not apply to allied clans)

● Results
– Heisters:
For Heisters, Darksteel rewards can be obtained as well as individual rewards.
Caution❗ If you do not open the reward boxes after defeating the Boss, please be aware that rewards will be unobtainable. Please make sure to open the boxes!
– Defenders:
1. Heisted damage will be applied directly after the Heist, and it will be remain even if the ruling clan is changed.
2. Heisted Darksteel (Darksteel obtained from reward boxes) is deducted from Bicheon Castle tax, and if the daily received tax is insufficient, it will be carried over to the next day.
※ Please note [[url=]Game Encyclopedia – Heist[/url]] for further details.

■ Shop
● Multi-Quantity Checkout will only be available for certain products.
– This system will enable you to make a purchase in multiple quantities as much as you want.
– Purchase quantity can be configured on the Purchase Page on Google Play Store.
– Multi-Quantity Checkout will be available for specific products in current.
– Items purchased from Multi-Quantity Checkout cannot be separately refunded.

● Summon ‘100+10’ times will be added.
– Summon 10+1 times’ will be conducted sequentially 10 times.
– If you have less than 100 Summon tickets, you cannot use this system.
– If you have more than 100 Summon tickets, you can conduct either ‘Summon 10+1 times’ or ‘Summon 100+10 times’ with a new button generated above the ‘Summon 10+1 times’ button.

● New Legendary Spirit ‘Dark Crown Prince Wooska’ will be available from Legendary Spirit Summon.
– Effect: PHYS DEF+ 40

Skill Effect
Raging Blow
Increases Max HP by 2,000, Max MP by 800, Bash ATK DMG Boost by 20%, and CRIT ATK DMG Boost by 20%.
Dark Wind Wing
Increases Skill ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Skill DMG Reduction by 15%, and Boss DMG Reduction by 15%.
Increases Stun Success Boost by 30% and Silence Success Boost by 30%. When gathering Energy, increase the gain by 10%.
Savage Oppression
Decreases the enemy’s EVA by 100, CRIT EVA by 100, and All DMG Reduction by 25% for 10 sec on attack. Cooldown 50 sec.

※ This Spirit CANNOT be obtained through Combine / Exchange / Divine Dragon’s Promise. It is only available from Legendary Spirit Summon.

■ Expedition
● Expedition Missions will be added.
– ‘Expedition’ tab will be added at the top of Mission Window.
– If you are not in Expedition, you cannot accept any missions in this tab.

■ Wayfarer Travel
● To encourage participation in battles and wars, the number of tickets required for Wayfarer Travel will be changed.

※ Required Number of Wayfarer Travel Pass
Changing World 1 > 1
Changing Region 2 > 1
Changing Continent 3 > 2

※ Purchase Count Limit (Applied from July 1st)
2 per month > 1 per month

※ Please refer to [[url=]Notice – Updates on Hidden Valley Access Requirement and War Activation[/url]] on our official forum for further details.

■ Hidden Valley
● Hidden Valley Access requirement will be added to prevent unauthorized programs and to ensure a fair MIR gaming environment.
– Players of or below ‘Bad’ in alignment will be restricted from entering any Hidden Valley.
※ Please refer to [[url=]Notice – Updates on Hidden Valley Access Requirement and War Activation[/url]] on our official forum for further details.

■ Mystery
● Scenarios in ‘A Noble Cause’ will be edited in part.

● Difficulty of ‘Incomparable Master’ will be adjusted.
– Specific skill damages of ‘Immortal Whitemaur Captain’ will be adjusted. (summon-type monster in Sealed Chamber, Magic Square 4F)

● Difficulty of ‘Wedding Vow’ will be adjusted.
– Required number of ‘Prison Flower’ in ‘The Traitor’s End’: 100 → 50
– Required number of ‘Daphne Flowers’ in ‘Necessary Revenge’ : 100 → 40
– Required number of ‘Dreamguard Remedies’ in ‘False Accusation’: 50 → 15
– Required number of ‘Sinner Wanted Poster’ (Craft material for Shaman of curse Summon Badge) in ‘False Accusation’ : 5 → 3
– Phantome Vale will always be accessible.
– ‘Forsaken Silk’(Craft material for Weird Beast Killer Summoning Scroll) in ‘Match Made in Heaven’: 10 → 5

■ Craft
● New craftings for Epic Mystical Piece Box will be added.
– Craft NPC: ShaoShao
– Craftable Item: Epic Mystical Piece Box
– Required Materials: 10 Epic Moon Shadow Stones

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Fix on unequipped Spectrumite slot that shows a message to equip Magic Stone when touching the slot.
2. Fix on [Clan] tab that can be opened while participating in Raid.
3. Cooldown for 30 seconds will be applied to Request Alliance, Cancel Request, Approve and Decline
4. Fix on unopenable reward box that gets generated to inaccessible location after defeating Beastly Nefariox

◈In-game Updates◈

● [Event] 8 HYDRA products with [PEG] tags will be excluded from HYDRA Shop.

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