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Patch Note – July 26th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, this is MIR4.
These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, July 26th, 2022.


[Main Updates]

◈In-game Updates◈

1. Changes to Wayfarer Travel requirements.
2. New Codex: Mystical Piece, Spirit and Spectrumite
3. Improvements to item selling system.


[July 26th Patch Note Details]

◈In-game Updates◈

■ Wayfarer Travel
● Requirements for Wayfarer Travel will be changed.
– Cool of 24 hours will be applied for Wayfarer Travel, after participating in Castle Siege.

■ Codex
● New Codex will be added.
– New Codex for Mystical Piece will be added.
– New Codex for Spirit and Spectrumite will be added.

■ Item
● Improvements to item selling system.
– New selling confirmation and filter settings pop-up messages will be displayed to prevent selling items by mistake when using Auto-select.

■ Craft
● Changes to the items obtainable upon “Great Success” displayed in the Craft tab.
– The “←” icon between the items obtainable upon Success and Great Success will be removed.

■ Shop
● Special Summon for Epic Spirit ‘Brutal Lionheart Koiga’ will be ended.

● Legendary Spirit Summon for ‘Dark Crown Prince Wooska’ will be extended.
– Period: After July 26th Maintenance ~ to August 9th Maintenance

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Fix on issue of items registered on Quick Slots being unremovable when completely used up.
2. Fix on issue of Bosses not being targeted in Boss Raid under specific conditions.
3. Improvements in the Source of items to include Expedition Missions.

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