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Patch Note – Feb. 8th, 2022

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4.

These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 8th, 2022.


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈
1. New Boss ‘ Krukan’ will be added.
2. ‘Dragon Eye’ and ‘Dragon Claw’ can now be summoned through the Shop.

◈DRACO Update◈
1. Character NFTs will now be subject to a cool-down (5 days) period each time they are unsealed.
– Wayfarer Travel and NFT resealing cool-down (5 days) will be shared each other.

[Feb. 8th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ New Boss
● ‘ Krukan’ will now appear.
– ‘Krukan’ will appear at the ‘Depths of Binding’ accessible from Bicheon Valley 4F.
※ Players may enter ‘Depths of Binding’ through the Portal located in Bicheon Valley 4F.
– Spawn Time : Every Monday, 23:00
※ Spawns will be based on Regional Server Times.
– Boss Level : 190
– Maximum number of players : 400

■ Summon
● New Dragon Materials, ‘Dragon Eye’ and ‘Dragon Claw’, can now be summoned through the ‘Summon’ tab available in the ‘Shop’ menu.
– ‘Dragon Eye’ and ‘Dragon Claw’ can be used to craft Secondary Weapons and Earrings.

■ Raid
● Autostart function will be implemented to Raid and Boss Raid parties.
– By enabling this function, Raids and Boss Raids will start automatically once the party becomes full.
– You can set the system by toggling the ‘Auto Start at Max Number of Players’ button on the right side of the Raid Info screen.
– Only the party leader can set the settings.

■ Mail
● Clan War summary mail will be sent to clanmate once the war ends.
– A Summary mail will be sent to clan members once Clan War ends.
-The Summary mail will reveal total death tolls for both clans.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Confirmation screen will appear if you try to summon in the shop using Gold.
2. Server Info will be displayed in the Character Selection screen.
3. You will now move to the Shop that sells Vigor Pill after clicking the ‘Recharge Vigor’ button if you do not have any Vigor Pills in your bag.

◈DRACO Update◈

● Character NFTs will now be subject to a cool-down period each time they are unsealed.
– Character NFTs that have been unsealed will be subject to a 5-day cool-down period restricting unsealed Characters from being resealed or using Wayfarer Travel to change servers.
※ Cool-down Period: 5 days from the moment Character NFTs are unsealed.

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