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Patch Note – August 8th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
We’re excited to share the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th, 2023.


[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈
1. New Events: Second Anniversary Eve
– As we draw closer to MIR4’s Second Anniversary, get a head start on the celebrations with pre-anniversary events featuring fantastic rewards!
2. New Event: Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event
– The much anticipated Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event is back! Do not miss out this chance to obtain a Legendary Spirit Treasure!
3. New Content: Unified Raid
– Unite your strength with fellow Dragonians and conquer the formidable Boss Monsters that await you in Unified Raid!
4. New Party Leader Spirit: Fairy King Pepo
– Feel the fury with the crit-tastic leadership of Fairy King Pepo!
5. New Fluffy Mounts!
– Forge your path to glory and intimidate your enemies with one of our 4 new fierce, yet adorably fluffy mounts!
6. Summer-Themed Equipment Appearance!
– Unleash a tidal wave of style this Summer with our beach-inspired equipment appearances!


[August 8th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Event
● Second Anniversary Eve Events
▶ Second Anniversary Eve 14-Day Check-In Event
– Event Period: August 8th Update until September 4th, 23:59 ( UTC+8 )
– You can obtain 14 special items for logging in daily.
– Event rewards can be claimed from the fire-cracker shaped icon located on the left side of your screen in-game.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Second Anniversary Celebration Token x1
Magic Square Entry Ticket x3
Rare Dragon oil of Blessing x5
Epic Blue Dragon Statue x10
Rare Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone x10
Epic Constitution Enhancement Stone Box x2
Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x1
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Second Anniversary Celebration Token x1
Secret Peak Entry Ticket x3
Epic Ice Crystal x10
Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1
Epic Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone x10
Epic Promotion Material Box x2
Epic Dragon Material Mystic Box x1

※ All items claimed from this event cannot be traded.
※ Dragonians must manually claim their daily check-in rewards from the event page each day.
※ Please refer to [[url=]Notice – Second Anniversary Eve 14-Day Check-in[/url]] for details.

▶ Ancient Coin Shop
– Event Period: After August 8 Update ~ Before August 22 Update
– Event Period: August 8th Update until the August 22nd Update
– During the event period, you can purchase various items with Ancient Coin obtained from Portal and Raid (In-Game Shop > Common Product > Event).

[Ancient Coin Shop Products]

Purchase Restriction
(Per Character)
2nd Anniv.: Legendary Blue Dragon Statue
Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1
2nd Anniv.: Epic Blue Dragon Statue
Epic Blue Dragon Statue x10
4 Times
2nd Anniv.: Legendary Enhancement Stone
Legendary Mystic Enhancement Stone x1
Legendary Darkened Enhancement Stone x1
2nd Anniv.: Epic Enhancement Stone
Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone x5
Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone x5
4 Times
2nd Anniv.: Dragon Artifact
Epic Ice Crystal x20
Rare Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone x10
Epic Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone x5
4 Times
Glittering Powder
Glittering Powder x5000
Life Elixir
Life Elixir x5000

※ Please refer to [[url=]Notice – Ancient Coin Shop[/url]] for details.

▶ Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event
– Event Period: August 14th, 00:00 (UTC+8) ~ August 16th, 23:59 (UTC+8)


1 Summon
10+1 Summons
Spirit Treasure
100,000 Darksteel
1,000,000 Darksteel

※ 1 Free Summon will be provided daily.

– You can participate in the event by tapping the firecracker-shaped icon found in the top left corner in-game (Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event tab).
– The maximum limit for Event Summons per day is 110 Summons (10+1 Summon x10) and the total limit for the entire event period is 330 Summons (1 Free Summon per day excluded).
– The Daily Summon Count will reset every day at 00:00 (UTC+8).
– Daily Free Summon will be provided 3 times (in total) during the event period.
– Please be aware that all Event Incense Burner Points accumulated from previous Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge events will be reset every time this event starts.
※ Please refer to [[url=]Notice – Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge[/url]] for further details.

■ Raid
● Unified Raid Now Available
– The current Raid system will be updated with the implementation of the ‘Unified Raid’ system.
– Unified Raid refers to a system in which you can enter Raid, Boss Raid, and Hell Raid with other Dragonians within your region.
– A Raid Squad will be created upon creating a party targeting those raids referred to above, and you can join the Raid party through the Raid Party tab in Recruit.
– Upon joining, you can communicate with Raid Party members from other servers through the Raid Party Chat.
– The server and character name of Raid Party members will be displayed upon entering the raid.
– You can obtain Raid ranking scores by participating in Unified Raid.
– You cannot join Unified Raid while participating in Clan Expedition/Clan Challenge/Bicheon Castle Siege/Heist/Sabuk Clash.
– Members of a Unified Raid Party cannot join Clan Expedition/Clan Challenge/Bicheon Castle Siege/Heist/Sabuk Clash.

● ‘Rare Pomegranate Flower’ has been added as a new Raid/Boss Raid/Hell Raid completion reward.
– Raid: Wailing Dead Mine/Crimson Dragon Nest/Hidden Altar/Sabuk Execution Ground/Vipergeist Prison/Forgotten Arena
– Boss Raid: Forsaken King/Deranged Hellbound Revenant/Ghostly Bogey/Claydoh GEN/Heavenly Asura/Nefariox Celestial Overlord
– Hell Raid: Fire Dragon Demon General/Triumphant Tiger Demon King/Inferno Chief/Blood-crazed Oddevil

■ Spirit
● Legendary Party Leader Wind Spirit: ‘Fairy King Pepo’
– Passive Bonus Once Summoned: Spell ATK +40

Skill Effect
Captivating Powder
Increases Max HP by 1800, Max MP by 1000, PHYS DEF by 50, and Spell DEF by 150.
Poison Powder
Increases Antidemon Power by 10%, Bash ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Boss ATK DMG Boost by 15%, and Boss DMG Reduction by 15%.
Invigorating Powder
Increases Skill HP Recovery Am’t Boost by 10% and Item Drop Chance by 10%, and reduces Skill Cooldown by 5%.
Silence is Golden
Instantly recovers 10% of Max MP upon being Silenced, and increases Basic ATK DMG Boost by 50% and PHYS ATK and Spell ATK by 120 for 8 sec. Cooldown 15 sec.
[Party Leader] Fairy’s Fury
Upon attacking, increases the party’s CRIT by 30 and CRIT ATK DMG Boost by 30% for 15 sec. Cooldown 60 sec.

■ Shop
● Spirit Special Summon Updated
– Legendary Spirit ‘Fairy King Pepo’ can now be obtained through Special Spirit Summon.
– The chance to obtain this Legendary Spirit will be doubled and an ‘X2 UP’ icon will be displayed.
– Period: August 8th Update until the September 5th Update (UTC+8).
– Divine Dragon’s Promise points accumulated from the previous Spirit Special Summon event will be reset.

■ Mount
● 4 New Mounts Updated

White Heart Fluffy
Jolly Light Brownie
Black Patch Mustard
Black Bean Valiant

※ ‘White Heart Fluffy’ can be exchanged for an Exchange ticket after reaching Lv.150 and ‘Jolly Light Brownie’ can be exchanged after completing the Mystery ‘Reckless Courage’.
※ The exchange tickets for ‘White Heart Fluffy’ and ‘Jolly Light Brownie’ can be crafted with a certain crafting manual.

■ Appearance Equipment
● New Equipment Appearances Available

Transparent Toy Mallet
Cutey Fishing Rod
Blue Sea Marlin
Funny Octopus Stick
Cool Water Gun
Sand Beach Ball

■ Crafting Manual
● New Crafting Manuals
– Craft NPC: Gusan

Required Resource
Required Currency
White Heart Fluffy Exchange Ticket
Rare Pomegranate Flower x1,000
Epic Noirsoul Herb x30
Epic Eternal Panax x1,000
Epic Mineral Fluid x1,000
4,000 Gold
Jolly Light Brownie Exchange Ticket
Rare Pomegranate Flower x50
Rare Noirsoul Herb x30
Rare Eternal Panax x100
Rare Mineral Fluid x100
800 Gold
Epic Pomegranate Flower
Rare Pomegranate Flower x10
100,000 Copper

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Improved the minimap to display the location of the ‘Fort Phantasia Rockcut Sealed Room’.
2. Fixed an issue for 15-player parties where quests that require defeating certain monsters would be counted abnormally.
3. Earth’s Benediction will now be applied upon gathering the Void Orb.
4. Fixed various in-game typos.

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