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[Notice] Updates on Hidden Valley Access Requirement and War Activation

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

300 days have passed since the day we launched our global service on August 26th, 2021.
With the unchanging love of Dragonians and the endless efforts of MIR4 team members, MIR4 has become a game that is beloved worldwide.
We thank again with our utmost gratitude to all Dragonians for cherishing MIR4.

All of us in MIR4 are always listening courteously to the issues that many Dragonians have been mentioning (Bots, Unauthorized Programs, Economic Ecosystem) and to provide a better gaming environment, we are endlessly accelerating our efforts to think and take action on multiple fronts.

MIR4 is a living biography of Dragonians who are writing down their own history through battles and war.
There are, however, unwanted situations occurring at the moment due to some illegitimate users with unauthorized programs and bots, hindering Darksteel mining, the core motive of the growth and economic activity, and occurrence of war, the core content of MIR4.
We are well aware of Dragonians frustrations aroused from these issues, concerning the growth of their characters and the inactivation of the war contents.

In regard to the concerns above, we have decided to modify Hidden Valley access requirements to make the battle and war more enjoyable with a stabilized and pleasant gaming environment, and to update a new war content on June 28th that is going to provide some breathtaking battle experiences.

[Change on Hidden Valley Access Requirements]

● All characters with or below ‘Bad’ Alignment Status will no longer be able to enter Hidden Valley after the scheduled update maintenance on June 28th.

[Change on Wayfarer Travel]

1. The number of Wayfarer Travel Pass required will change after the scheduled update maintenance on June 28th.
2. The Purchase count limit of the Pass will change.

※ Required Number of Wayfarer Travel Pass
Changing World 1 > 1
Changing Region 2 > 1
Changing Continent 3 > 2

※ Purchase Count Limit
2 per month > 1 per month

[New War content – Please refer to the Patch Note of June 28th for the further details.]

With the continuous advice and feedback of our Dragonians, we will do our best to create and provide a better gaming environment with delights, breathtaking war, and stable in-game ecosystem.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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