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[Notice] The new Altar of Darkness update

Noblesse oblige : With great power comes great responsibility

The definition of a king of Bicheon Castle and Valley Ruler in MIR continent refers to a glorious title for the almighty, the strongest Dragonians and Clans.
However, as a protector of MIR continent, this is also a duty given to prevent the assault from outsiders.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Now take your responsibility and true honour as a conqueror of MIR continent; MIR4 chronicle 8th.

Altar of Darkness will be reborn through the update on Aug 9th with the name of Noblesse Oblige, MIR4 Chronicle 8th.

Altar of Darkness that locates at each Hidden Valley!
When getting destroyed, Bicheon Castle and Hidden Valley Tax rates will go down.
Valley Owner and King of Bicheon to maintain the Tax rate VERSUS Natives and Expedition members who are fighting for lowering the Tax rate!

Now come and check the outbreak of this fierce and soundless War of sword & pen over the reborn altar of Darkness through the update on Aug 9th.

Please refer to [Game Encyclopedia – War(Altar of Darkness) for further details.

The one who wants to wear the crown,
must bear its weight
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