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[Notice] Surprise Goblin Market Renewal

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4.

Since announced, Goblin Market grants valuable products with high efficiency to Dragonians of mir continent every Saturday.

Goblin Market which was held on every Saturday will take place indefinitely in our in-game Shop, and previous products will no longer be for sale.

Dragonians who desire more power can meet the new Goblin Market from our in-game shop after the July 11th update – Check out new Goblin Market Products that will be indefinitely for sale and can be purchased by Gold.

Please look forward to our new Goblin Products and refer to the information below for further details.

■ Goblin Market Schedule
Pre-Change: Every Saturday
Post-Change: Indefinitely for sale

■ Products Sale Ends
● Details: Products mentioned below will no longer be purchasable after July 11th update maintenance

Goblin Market Products (~July 8th)
Gold Goblin Package: Gold I
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Sphere II
Gold Goblin Package: Gold II
Gold Goblin Package: Mystical Piece II
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Scale II
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Leather II
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Horn II
Gold Goblin Package: Spirit Stone II
Gold Goblin Package: Snow Panax
Gold Goblin Package: Skill Tome II
Gold Goblin Package: Mineral Fluid
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Claw II
Gold Goblin Package: Legendary Spirit Stone II
Gold Goblin Package: Dragon Eye II
Peculiar Dragon Oil of Blessing Package I
Peculiar Dragonsteel Box Package
Peculiar Dragon Oil of Blessing Package II

■ New Goblin Market Products
– Sale Period: After July 11th Update Maintenance ~
– Location: Shop > Goblin Market tab

● New Goblin Market Products for sale
Goblin Market: Dragon Scale
Goblin Market: Dragon Leather
Goblin Market: Dragon Horn
Goblin Market: Dragon Sphere
Goblin Market: Spirit Stone
Goblin Market: Legendary Spirit Stone
Goblin Market: Skill Tome
Goblin Market: Mystical Piece
Goblin Market: Epic Eternal Snow Panax
Goblin Market: Epic Azureum Mineral Fluid
Goblin Market: Dragonsteel

※ New Goblin Market products will be usable at any time in our in-game Shop.

Thank you.

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