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[Notice] Pre-Announcement on Server Merge

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

After the enthronement of the first Emperor through the ‘Sabuk Clash’, the solidifying occupation forces and war itself is now skewing toward a monopolization of one side by overwhelming force in contrast to the initial plan seeking intense warfare and thrill we truly pursue.

There is no doubt that peace is desirable and must be an ideal factor in reality, however, in MMORPG, we are certainly sure that enjoyment is the most appropriate instinct of the game. Hence, Server Merge will be scheduled to enhance the Emperor’s authority on economy and maximize the excitement of Sabuk Clash where to determine the true ruler of the region through bitter competition. And more, the Server Merge is a procedure of the Grand Unification that we are planning to establish larger-scale adventures and economies within the regions through the ‘Unified Market’ and ‘Unified Raid’ scheduled on a later update.

Throughout this change, the rearrangement of the Mightiests within the regions will bring dynamic warfares and new combat aspects, delivering us a fresh excitement of the game through the new interaction. The symbolism associated with the emperor will come with greater significance, ultimately realizing the MIR4’s slogan ‘From my battle to our war’.

Server merge will take place on Tuesday, July 4th considering the preparation time required for Bicheon Castle Siege(July 9th) and Sabuk Clash 1st Gateway(July 16th) in the new server and environment. Targeted servers have been chosen based on their traffic and utilization of in-game content and will be mixed and merged by targeting median to ensure the most stable gaming environment.

While expecting the one who will wear the crown in the new era, please be notified that all positions known as Valley Owner, Bicheon King, and Sabuk Emperor earned from competition or war-based content will be initialized.

NFT servers existing 1 per continent which was aimed at extending the utility of MIRAGE service and NFT characters will integrate with normal servers to continue their gameplay as normal server users do, considering the lowered utilization of the server itself.

Further details for Server Merge on July 4th, 2023 and the upcoming Unified Market and Unified Raid will be announced separately.

We ask for our Dragonians’ great encouragement and support on the new beginning of MIR4’s Age of War.

Thank you.

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