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[Notice] Announcing the opening of NFT servers and merging of certain servers

As revealed through the Chronicles, NFT servers will be opened, along with the merging of certain servers with the update on August 23rd. This process lays the groundwork for the adaptation of the “Domination Server”, scheduled to be released in September, and is the starting point of the grand story of war that will resonate throughout the continent of Mir.

“Domination Servers” are public servers shared by up to 16 servers per each region. They are composed of the Tower of the Black Dragon, Labyrinths, and Fields that are designed to provide EXP and rewards with higher efficiency than normal servers. Players will have yet another opportunity to write the tale of a grand war through cooperation or competition against neighboring servers. Server groups were reorganized with these recent developments in mind, aiming to balance the level of inter-server competition in “Domination Servers”. This has resulted in certain servers being merged in advance.

The servers that will be merged with this update were selected via thorough examination, considering the following aspects: server traffic, level of economic activity, environment for competition within and outside the server, rate of participation of various contents, etc. Out of 229 servers, a total of 80 servers are subject to server merge. With this update, two merge target servers will be merged into a single server. Moreover, taking the “Domination Server” content into account, where up to 16 servers compete against one another, certain servers are subject to change in region, and some in region as well as continent. The merging of certain servers, and the processes that are to take place until the implementation of “Domination Servers” in September, will expand on the pre-existing tensions of war and competition, and will revitalize and breathe new life into the continent of Mir. Further on, it is expected to bring positive changes to the entire ecosystem of MIR4, in the center of which is Darksteel.

In addition to the merging of certain servers, 6 brand new NFT servers will also be introduced on August 23rd, where only verified “Character NFTs” can enter. Since NFT servers can be entered only through the “Load NFT” function, this will enable a positive gameplay experience, free from bots and multiboxing abusers. NFT servers will still have the same in-game environment, content, and system as normal servers. The only difference will be the restrictions on entry to the server. This also means that the “Domination Server” content, which will be released in the near future, can also be used just like normal servers. We expect that the implementation of NFT servers will not only help provide a positive gameplay environment, but will also raise the value of “Character NFTs” by expanding their capabilities.

Based on the circumstances mentioned above, below is a list of servers subject to server merge. As explained above, two ‘merge target servers’ will become one ‘merged server’.

Through the maintenance on August 23rd, MIR4 Global service will be constructing a massive ecosystem of 195 servers in total, consisting of 189 normal servers and 6 new NFT servers, through the merging of servers.

Merge Target Servers
Merged Server
[ASIA3] ASIA93 + [ASIA3] ASIA102
[ASIA3] ASIA114 + [ASIA2] ASIA54
[INDIA1] IN11 + [MENA1] MN11
[INDIA1] IN12 + [MENA1] MN12
[INDIA1] IN13 + [MENA1] MN13
[INDIA1] IN14 + [MENA1] MN14
[INDIA1] IN21 + [MENA1] MN21
[INDIA1] IN22 + [MENA1] MN22
[INDIA1] IN23 + [INDIA1] IN31
[INDIA1] IN24 + [INDIA1] IN32
[EU1] EU12 + [EU1] EU42
[EU1] EU15
[EU1] EU13 + [EU1] EU43
[EU1] EU16
[EU1] EU14 + [EU2] EU51
[EU1] EU17
[EU1] EU22 + [EU2] EU52
[EU1] EU25
[EU1] EU23 + [EU2] EU53
[EU1] EU26
[EU1] EU24 + [EU2] EU54
[EU1] EU27
[EU1] EU31 + [EU2] EU61
[EU1] EU35
[EU1] EU32 + [EU2] EU62
[EU1] EU36
[EU1] EU33 + [EU2] EU63
[EU1] EU37
[EU1] EU34 + [EU2] EU64
[EU1] EU38
[EU1] EU41 + [EU2] EU71
[EU1] EU45
[SA2] SA61 + [SA2] SA81
[SA1] SA65
[SA2] SA63 + [SA2] SA83
[SA1] SA66
[SA2] SA64 + [SA3] SA92
[SA1] SA67
[SA2] SA73 + [SA2] SA74
[SA1] SA75
[NA1] NA13 + [NA1] NA41
[NA1] NA15
[NA1] NA14 + [NA1] NA24
[NA1] NA16
[NA2] NA52 + [NA3] NA121
[NA2] NA55
[NA2] NA53 + [NA3] NA94
[NA2] NA56
[NA2] NA61 + [NA3] NA91
[NA2] NA65
[NA2] NA62 + [NA3] NA92
[NA2] NA66

Below is the list of the 6 new NFT Servers that will be opened. By default, NFT Servers consist of 1 or more servers per continent. Also, NFT Servers are allocated for each region, with the organization of servers following “Domination Servers” taken into account.

NFT Servers
[EU1] ENFT11
[SA2] SNFT11
[NA1] NNFT11

There’s nothing Dragonians must do prior to the merging of the servers. However, please be aware that certain content including Bicheon Heist may be restricted in servers that are to be merged, from 2 weeks before the merging of servers.The merging of servers in this update is the “Concentration” of competition; and the “Expansion” of the continent of Mir, continued on with the opening of NFT servers and the implementation of “Domination Servers”. Dragonians, we ask for your support and encouragement with “Our War”, starting anew.Thank you! We will be back with further details soon.

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