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[Notice] Announcing the official Chronicle roadmap of upcoming changes

Announcing the official Chronicle roadmap of upcoming changes intended to improve the gameplay experience of all Dragonians of MIR4.

MIR4 has become much more than a game. It is now a lifestyle to many Dragonians from all over the world. Looking back over the history of MIR4’s service, we can appreciate how various aspects of the game and its economy have changed over the past year intended to create the best possible gameplay experience for Dragonians from all over the world. Many newly implemented changes of the past resulted in the birth of innovative content such as HYDRA to generate a means of player-owned economy protected from bots and multiboxing abusers who continue to disrupt the fair gameplay environment of our Dragonians in MIR4.

Despite these efforts, however, there are continuous disturbances caused by abusers that negatively impact the economy within the game and deprive Dragonians of the benefits that are entitled to them. Therefore, we have planned a grand initiative to significantly reform in-game contents that are directly associated and closely aligned with the economy as well as the competitive interactivity between players for power in MIR4. This initiative is designed to modify core economic systems centered around Darksteel and to further evolve the state of player-centric contents that drive the need for competition and power which will create a much more responsive and enjoyable environment for all Dragonians.

We refer to this initiative as ‘The Great Resistance’. There are many major changes that are part of the initiative which can be summarized into two significant phases; (a)restoration of economic control for Dragonians, and (b)reigniting the spirit of conquest.

The first phase is to introduce several content modifications as key components for economic systems revamp through the July 12th maintenance update, which will focus on increasing the difficulty of access to Hidden Valleys and Darksteel mines especially for bots and multiboxing abusers. Following this update, rework on the Altar of Darkness will take place on Aug 9th designed to enforce more responsibility upon those who rule over the server as well as the Hidden Valleys by incorporating a significant loss of Darksteel tax income. This update will encourage the idea of “Noblesse Oblige” by setting clear guidelines on the relationship between responsibilities and circumstances to the powerful leaders of each server in MIR4.

The second phase will focus on revitalization of the game’s main theme- ‘from my battle, to our war’. Each Dragonian tells their own unique story that begins with adventuring in the vast world of MIR. Many have engaged in numerous fierce battles to become rulers of the Hidden Valleys and the Bicheon Castle. Recent cross-server contents have sparked cooperation and strife among neighboring servers through Expedition and Bicheon Heist.

On Aug 23rd, a major change will take place through merging of servers. This is a preparation phase intended as a “Prelude of Conquest” before beginning the greatest war yet to be unveiled in the history of MIR4. Through the merging of servers, each region will be structured with an aggregation of 8 servers to wage war against each other in a single interconnected server known as the ‘Conquest Server’ scheduled for release in September of 2022. This will not only reignite the spirit of conquest in all Dragonians but will also redefine the magnitude of the phrase- ‘our war’.

In addition to merging of servers, brand new NFT servers will also be introduced where creation of new characters will not be allowed and only the mightiest and bravest Dragonians with existing character NFTs will be invited to write yet another grand story free from bots and multiboxing abusers.

The authors of the MIR4 legacy are the Dragonians. Together, we will write yet another great masterpiece in the land of MIR. Let us rid the land of those who violate our gamer’s code of fair gameplay. Let us prevail and rise above them all in ‘The Great Resistance’.

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