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[Notice] Announcements regarding the new status ‘Antidemon Power’

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

A new status ‘Antidemon Power’ has been added with the addition of Dragon Artifact on the September 6th update.
With our apologies to Dragonians who got confused with the status, we are here to inform you of the status ‘Antidemon Power’ in brief.

‘Antidemon Power’, a status granted to ‘Dragon Artifact’ newly added on September 6th Update, is not used in any content at the moment.
However, it will play a distinctive role in the upcoming ‘Domination server’ and other contents that are scheduled to be updated.

‘Dark-typed’ monsters will appear in the Domination server, and the damage given to such monsters will be influenced by the Antidemon Power.

We hope this will be helpful to get you clear with the Antidemon Power, and please look forward to our upcoming Domination server.

Thank you.

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