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[Notice] Account Linking Event

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

Today, we would like to introduce you the method to link additional social accounts along with the start of the new event ‘Account Linking Event’

We assume that many Dragonians may have experienced login errors upon running the game client.
In this case, you must link your account with social platforms to protect your gameplay data.

MIR4 is currently providing 3 social log in method (Google, Apple, and Facebook)
If you are using only 1 platform-based account, do not miss this great chance to secure your account more safely and receive plenty of rewards by linking your account additionally.

Please refer to the information below for further details.


1. Safety is my strategy! Account Linking Verification Event

■ Event Period
– After June 26th, Monday, 17:00 pm (UTC+8), 2023 ~ before July 11th Update

■ Event Participants
– Dragonians who are playing MIR4 with the game account only linked with a single platform-based social account (Google/Apple/Facebook)

■ Participation Method
1. You must link your account to another social platform additionally during the event period.
2. Dragonians who have made additional linking is automatically qualified for this event.
※ Please be aware that the participation will be accepted for Dragonians who link their account with another platform except the original linked one.

■ Event Reward

Event Rewards
Epic Yellow Dragon’s Gift Box*
Skill Tome Chest
Epic Hunting Potion
Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone
Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone

※ All items claimed from this event cannot be traded.

■ Epic Yellow Dragon’s Gift Box

Dragon Material Summon Ticket
Dragon Eye Summon Ticket
Dragon Claw Summon Ticket
Dragon Sphere Summon Ticket
Mystical Piece Summon Ticket
Epic Azureum Mineral Fluid
Epic Eternal Snow Panax
Epic Noirsoul Herb

※ You can obtain all listings upon opening the box.

■ Cautions
1. Event rewards will be sent via mail after 3 days within the end period.
2. Rewards will be distributed only to Dragonians that have linked additional social accounts within the event period.
3. All items claimed from this event cannot be traded.
4. We do not support the circumstance that you cannot receive rewards after the expiration date (7 days)
5. Rewards will be distributed to characters with the highest level of your account. (If the criteria meet more than one, distribution will be provided to the representative character set on the official forum.)
※ Event participation will be excluded if there is no character above level 20 exist in your account.
※ Event Reward and distribution date may be altered due to internal circumstances.


2. Additional Linking Method

① Check the “Linked Accounts’ from Menu> System.
② Click the icon of the platform you want to link extra.

③ Input the account information you would like to link.

④ Check the account information once again and click ‘Continue’ if you agree with the submission.

⑤ Complete your linking with the notification message ”Your account has been successfully linked”.


Check out the manuals to link your account additionally, and receive event rewards to make your gameplay more enjoyable in stable and safe environment!

Thank you.

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