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Detailed Announcement for Server Merge

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

MIR4, where the economy and adventure unite. As informed previously from the June 2nd announcement prior to Grand Unification Update, a number of servers will be integrated during the July 4th Update Maintenance period.

Please refer to the details and notes referred to below regarding Server Merge, which Dragonians may be curious about.

◈Server Merge Main Details◈

● The Server Merge will involve specific targeted servers.
● NFT servers will be integrated with normal servers in this Server Merge.
● Server Merge is scheduled for July 4th Maintenance, and you can play in the new integrated server after the maintenance.
● 1 ‘Wayfarer Travel Ticket’ will be provided to all Dragonians to support your transfer needs through Check-in event.
● No pre-requirements for Server Merge exist, and all basic character and gameplay data prior to the maintenance for the Server Merge will be safely transferred to the new server.
● Please be notified that certain data listed below will reset or not be transferable because it involves two servers integrating into a new single server. The details are as follows:

■ Targeted Server List

[Target Server / Merged Server]
ASIA12 + ASIA33 = (ASIA012)
ASIA13 + ASIA203 = (ASIA013)
ASIA14 + ASIA62 = (ASIA014)
ASIA21 + ASIA32 = (ASIA021)
ASIA22 + ASIA141 =(ASIA022)
ASIA23 + ASIA253 =(ASIA023)
ASIA24 + ASIA64 =(ASIA024)
ASIA31 + ASIA181 = (ASIA031)
ASIA33 + ASIA153 = (ASIA032)
ASIA34 + ASIA224 = (ASIA033)
ASIA41 + ASIA81 = (ASIA041)
ASIA42 + ASIA192 = (ASIA042)
ASIA43 + ASIA144 = (ASIA043)
ASIA44 + ASIA174 = (ASIA051)
ASIA51 + ASIA173 = (ASIA052)
ASIA52 + ASIA212 = (ASIA053)
ASIA53 + ASIA61 = (ASIA054)
ASIA63 + ASIA95 = (ASIA061)
ASIA71 + ASIA261 = (ASIA062)
ASIA72 + ASIA132 = (ASIA063)
ASIA73 + ASIA264 = (ASIA064)
ASIA74 + ASIA244 = (ASIA071)
ASIA82 + ASIA164 = (ASIA072)
ASIA83 + ASIA271 = (ASIA073)
ASIA84 + ASIA252 = (ASIA081)
ASIA91 + ASIA121 = (ASIA082)
ASIA92 + ASIA103 = (ASIA083)
ASIA94 + ASIA233 = (ASIA311)
ASIA101 + ASIA143 = (ASIA312)
ASIA104 + ASIA204 = (ASIA313)
ASIA111 + ASIA191 = (ASIA314)
ASIA112 + ASIA115 = (ASIA321)
ASIA113 + ASIA151 = (ASIA322)
ASIA122 + ASIA184 = (ASIA323)
ASIA123 + ASIA242 = (ASIA324)
ASIA124 + ASIA254 = (ASIA331)
ASIA131 + ASIA194 = (ASIA332)
ASIA134 + ASIA142 = (ASIA333)
ASIA152 + ASIA243 = (ASIA341)
ASIA154 + ASIA223 = (ASIA342)
ASIA161 + ASIA211 = (ASIA343)
ASIA162 + ASIA231 = (ASIA351)
ASIA171 + ASIA201 = (ASIA352)
ASIA182 + ASIA213 = (ASIA353)
ASIA183 + ASIA222 = (ASIA354)
ASIA193 + ASIA214 = (ASIA361)
ASIA163 + ASIA232 = (ASIA362)
ASIA172 + ASIA234 = (ASIA363)
ASIA202 + ASIA251 = (ASIA364)
ASIA221 + ASIA263 = (ASIA371)
ASIA241 + ASIA262 = (ASIA372)
ASIA272 + ANFT21 = (ASIA373)
EU25 + ENFT11 = (EU022)
SA82 + SA71 = (SA071)
SA84 + SNFT21 = (SA072)
SA14 + SA24 = (SA081)
SA41 + SA42 = (SA082)
NA51 + NA78 = (NA051)
NA54 + NA67 = (NA052)
NA64 + NA75 = (NA061)
NA66 + NNFT11 = (NA063)

※ NFT characters belonging to the targeted NFT server will transfer to the merged servers described above.
※ Servers that are not scheduled to be merged will change their name considering the placement of region and server.

■ Untransferable or Reset Data
● Please check all information to avoid any misunderstandings for Server Merge.

[Category / Details]
1. Clan (Kill / Allies / Unattackable Clan / Clan History)
2. War (Hidden Valley / Bicheon Castle(Bicheon Castle Siege) / Sabuk Castle(Sabuk Clash) / Heist / Altar of Darkness / Sanctuary / Territory / World Boss)
3. Mailbox (Account Mailbox)
4. Chat (Allied Clan / Clan / Party/System / 1:1 Chat)
5. Misc. (New Target / Distribute Resources / Add to Wanted List / Assign Title / Prize)
6. Karma (Wanted List – Targeted Servers Only)
7. Shop (Purchase Count / Gifting / Receiving Record)
8. Ranking (Personal / Clan / Portrait Event / Raid)

※ Any data not mentioned in the list will be transferred to the merged server. However, data that has no impact on your gameplay may also reset.

■ Pre-Cautions

● Hidden Valley Capture, Bicheon Castle Siege, Sabuk Clash
– All the occupying information and the territory data of each Valley, Bicheon Castle, and Sabuk Castle on every server of MIR4 will reset during the Server Merge on July 4th. Bicheon King titled from the 21st Bicheon Castle Siege and Sabuk Emperor titled from the 1st Sabuk Clash on June 4th will be maintained until July 4th.
※ Occupation War data reset will be subject to all MIR4 servers including the Server Merge targeted servers.

● Heist
– As the Occupation War (Bicheon Castle Siege/Valley Capture/Sabuk Clash) and territory data of targeted servers will reset on July 4th, [Heist] content that can carry over their damage to the next month will be restricted from June 23rd to July 4th Update (2 weeks).

■ Wayfarer Travel/ Market
● Both Wayfarer Travel and Market contents will be restricted from 1 hour early before July 4th Update Maintenance for stable Server Merge Work.

Since the official launch on August 26th, 2021, MIR4 team has been doing our best to fill Dragonians’ gameplay with joyful experiences along with dynamic combat systems through communications with Dragonians.

MIR4 will always try to provide high-quality services which suit Dragonians’ endeavour and willingness to compete to grab the hegemony of servers associated with the economic advancement of the MIR4 ecosystem. Please look forward to various upcoming content including ‘Unified Raid’ and ‘Unified Market’ that are to be unveiled with the ‘Grand Unification’ update.

Thank you.

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