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Announcement on Ending Products on sale

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.
We are here to inform you of some products that are not for sale anymore.

The ‘Step Up’ item packages that were meant to support your fast growth has been fulfilled their duty and will no longer be purchasable.

We will provide a better quality of products later on to help your growth with better efficiency in MIR4.

Please refer to the information below for the unpurchasable item in detail

■ Products not for sale
– Items categorized as [Step Up]

■ Ending date of sales
ASIA(UTC+8): Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2022, (UTC+8) 6:40 am
INDIA(UTC+6): Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2022, (UTC+6) 4:40 am
MENA(UTC+3): Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2022, (UTC+3) 1:40 am
EU(UTC+2): Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2022, (UTC+2) 12:40 am
SA(UTC-3): Monday, Aug. 08, 2022, (UTC-3) 7:40 pm
NA(UTC-4): Monday, Aug. 08, 2022, (UTC-4) 6:40 pm

Thank you.

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