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These are the rules for our Alliance, which we would like you all to follow. If you can all manage to simply go by these rules, and enforce them in each clan we can be stronger.

We have a STRICT no carnal policy!

Try your best to avoid killing the “allied by word” clans. These are White Name clans.

 Focus on leveling up before anything else! Currently, we have a strict no SP/MS 1F 2F rule, do not go there it is a waste of time. 

Do spend more than 1 hours max Mining DS a day.  I (Ragnar) would prefer you just stay away from all DS. It slows progress fighting over DS.


1. First come, first served rule will apply when gathering herbs, mining ores, and meditating.

2. Alliance members are not allowed to PK or lure monsters to indirectly kill other allies for any purpose.

3. All spots in the Field, Elite, Labyrinth, and Valley maps are must share areas. You may not take exclusivity of a certain spot to AFK grind. However, everyone is expected to try and find the most efficient and least occupied spot to AFK grind so they can maximize their EXP potentials.



  • Experience Chambers
  • Gold Chambers
  • Magic Square Chambers


  • Training Chambers
  • White Silver Chambers

1. Please make sure to check and occupy the empty rooms first, especially in must share chambers.

2. Manual luring in a first-come, first-serve chamber is allowed as long as you have no other ally present to share it with. Once an ally enters the chamber, you must give up one room for him/her to occupy.

3. A 5-minute rule will apply to settle all issues in a first-come, first-serve chamber. If you wish to share a room, you must message the first occupier and ask for consent. If he/she does not reply within 5 minutes, you are automatically allowed to share the room. It is the first occupier’s responsibility to reply within 5 minutes or else he/she will lose exclusivity of the room.

4. The first occupier must message any ally that shares a room without asking for permission. If that ally does not reply within 5 minutes, the first occupier may enter carnal mode and PK the offender.


1. Due to the limited number of grinding spots on Secret Peak floors, all alliance members must share these spots with each other.

2. Hunting bosses in Secret Peak is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must ask consent from the first engager if you wish to participate. No reply or party decline is considered as non-agreement to sharing.

3. Summoned bosses in Secret Peak are strictly for the summoner only. Only the summoner has the right to hit the boss and loot its chests unless he/she agrees to share with allies.

To avoid hitting other Allies, don’t go into carnal mode if you wish to kill white names that are your opponent.

Treasure Chamber – No PK allowed